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Distributors wanted for automatic switch door opener (wireless) for physically handicapped, CEO / VIP office cabins, security and garage doors, Price: Rs 1699, email : adgandhi@vsnl.net

Dealersneeded for plywood plates, plywood column box, adjustable span, steelprops, vase shaped pier , scaffolding, girder,  email :harish@marutisteelfab.com

 Wanted dealers for A.C Saver, Manufactured in Germany, electricity saving on window, split and package air conditioners, email: myriadgroup@dataone.in

 Required distributor for waterproofing concrete repair crack filling, anticorrosion glassflake coating, cold repair (M&R) compound, email: polymira@indiatimes.com


Dealers needed for Italian wall papers , email : tessimur@yahoo.co.in


Distributorship and dealership enquiries solicited for spray paint for powder coating industry, roof sealers, water seal, silicon sealant, acrylic sealant, acrylic aerosol based PU paint, email: paros@vsnl.com


Distributors wanted for UV resistant wood texture on aluminium sections, email: info@woodallindia.com


Distributors wanted for Sintex waste bins , email: doshi@sintex.co.in


Dealership inquiries solicited for filing cabinet, lateral filing cabinet, display rack, cupboard, mobile / compactor system, powder coated , knock down, imported quality ready stock available, email: info@maximaasystems.com

(August 2007)

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