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Brightest Circle Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. wish to appoint FMCG /durable distributors as Nakshatra distributors, jewellers as Nakshatra Universe Franchise and shop owners (bookstore, watch shop, garments shop, petrol pumps) for selling Nakshatra diamonds, email:  


Desire fashion jewellery in steel and silver invites trade, distribution and franchisee enquiries, email:


Distributors wanted for mosquito repellants, spray, vaporizer, gel, cream , floor mop, aloe health drinks ( plain & orange / strawberry flavor with fiber), aloe, skin gel, rose water, email:


One of  the largest liquidators in USA have a stock of over 200 containers of brand name stationery items / childrens games for sale and wish to contact distributors all over India, email:


Portable lasers from England available for permanent hair removal, anti aging treatment for beauty parlors, professional use, for reselling rights, email :


Steris, a supplier of infection prevention and decontamination material is looking for a regional distributor / west for the following consumable products - chemical indicators for sterilizers (autoclaves/washers), packaging material for C.S.S.D, detergent (cleaning chemistry for washers), E.T.O cartridge ethylene oxide. Five years experience in the trade with adequate logistics and infrastructure support, wide contacts with hospitals are required, email:  


Distributors wanted in Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore for fresh, frozen  shredded / grated coconut, ready to use in 200g pouch, email:


Wanted distributors for a premium wine made by a French wine maker to be launched in November 2007, email:


Company wishes to appoint distributors throughout India for "Adidas" packaged drinking water , email:


Courier company needs new franchise, minimum office space 100 sq. feet area with landline telephone connection, email:


Sankalp, a brand of South Indian restaurants with a presence in more than 36 locations across India require channel partners in Mumbai and Pune.  Requirements: Minimum 1200-1500 sq. ft. Approx. (Carpet) in prime areas with an investment capacity of Rs 25-30 Lacs. email:


Trade enquiries solicited for dairy products - skim milk power (S.M.P) - 25 kg, 1kg, 500 gram packs, White butter - 20 kg packs, Pure Ghee (Agmark) , email: 


Canadian pilot training school is looking for agents to recruit students in India, email: